A: If you want to get angry, ask someone from another country how much they pay for cell service. I don’t mean necessary calls and text; I mean full data, with GPS, streaming video, the works. Many places have extensive wireless service and users pay as little as $20 per month.

Vice Chancellor Professor Glynis Breakwell said: “The University is very proud to provide our students with this striking new social space. Their needs have been at the heart of the project and it will give them a real focal point for free time and informal learning. It is set to be a tremendous addition to campus life.”.

To do that, you have to prepare your business to give you its “vital signs” in real time in a way that allows you to predict challenges and opportunities. Deep diving into all things business team, processes, financials, expansion plans, legal, customer support and being able to apply the required tech so that your business runs faster, smarter and more efficiently. It’s not just about transforming the way your IT (tech infrastructure), marketing or customer relationship processes are built.

Analysts were predicting average earnings of 43 cents per share, according to Thomson Reuters.continue to be on track with our five year plan of doubling our revenue and more than doubling our earnings, chief executive Laurent Potdevin told analysts on a conference call after markets closed.Investors have been watching Lululemon since the apparel company released middling second quarter results in September, meeting earnings estimates but falling short on revenue predictions.A shift from yoga pants may leave Lululemon Athletica investors in a sweatIt came as an increasing number of competitors push into the so called field. By Wednesday close, Lululemon shares had fallen 25 per cent since late August.competitive environment is a crowded space, acknowledged chief financial officer Stuart Haselden. View athleisure as a trend, and like all trends it will come to an end at some point.

Lastly, the username has nothing to do with where I live.I’m sorry that this sub gets this question a lot. Since you don’t have active mods, maybe somebody could write a sample itinerary with a couple options, based on say tastes, knowledge of local traffic, and whatever else you feel would be helpful and include it in the wiki, or sticky it, or whatever.[M] 1 point submitted 17 days agoI understand where you coming from. You are correct, this used to be a rule of our sub.Here our update on why we changed it, though please understand this is still an issue we dealing with and we always open to feedback.TL;DR: The resulting mess was a ton of “Do your homework” reports that weren actually reported until it was too late you either were already annoyed by the post in /new or the OP already got trolled to hell.Believe it or not, some of the “moving/visiting” posts have actual substance, and keeping them on the sub (and setting flair so you can avoid them if you wish) allows any positive nuggets of info in those posts to still be searchable.