To buy the Sutor house, though, meant Wood would have to abandon his dream house plans. “I had bought a piece of land on Skyline Boulevard. My dream was to build a home,” he said. Without much fanfare, WestJet Airlines Ltd. Has been quietly rolling out some strategic changes to its fleet of Boeing 737s in recent weeks, altering the cabin configuration fairly dramatically to add a new class of seating, all the while packing in more travelers in the rest of its planes.So far, initial feedback on the new roomier economy seats has been quite positive, according to Bob Cummings, WestJet executive vice president, sales, marketing and guest experience.But perhaps more importantly, the changes in regular economy have largely gone unnoticed.haven heard anything positive or negative, Mr. Cummings said.It exactly what WestJet was hoping for.Both WestJet and larger rival Air Canada are making a big bet this year that advances in the design of so called slimline aircraft seats will help them not only add a premium economy section on their planes which will command a premium fare but also increase the overall number of passengers on their planes.

Irwin, the Apollo 15 astronauts, walk to the transfer van that will take them to their spacecraft atop a Saturn 5 rocket for a practice countdown demonstration test at Cape Kennedy, Fla., July 14, 1971. The Apollo 15 moon mission is scheduled for launch on July 26. Air Forces in the Pacific, greets the Apollo 15 astronauts after they were flown by helicopter to the USS Okinswa from their splashdown point, August 7, 1971.

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Motherfucker, they blow shit up in the first scene. And, the explosions just keep getting bigger from there. For somebody who cares so much about the environment, this Taft guy sure burns a lot of fossil fuels. As it turned out, police investigators, led by Austin Police Department Detective Scott Askew, had been working through November and December with three cyclists Hargrove, Gordon, and Mark Wiggans to confirm Clayton as the prime suspect in burglaries of their homes. The seller’s e mail was Clayton’s. “I knew those were mine when I saw them,” Hargrove said.