It not good for anyone, I don think, involved in the event. It not good for fans, TV. Nobody. “Any Californian start up company dreams about the Chinese market, and any Chinese tech company dreams about the American market, California first. The world has changed. It used to be an Atlantic world when Europe was dominating.

It’s such a serious matter that it’s very important that it be addressed internally, as a process shift, not a marketing shift. This cannot be a marketing ploy. I’m an employee too, and it matters to me that we change. The economy of lumber regions depends upon the ability of the umber firms to employ the peo ile thereof and that the people iving in such a region are en itied to job security. The “fair market value” used n the Forest Service’s appraisal of’ timber, Netzorg contended, should include consideration of full employment. Congress has suggested the For to est Service consider such factors, le claimed, citing the “Full Em ployment Act of 1846.” Redevelopment Act The present Congress, he con tinued, “has gone even further in setting up the Redevelopment Act to expand the present economy of depressed areas.” The legislation states all federal departments shall assist in carry ng out the objectives of the bill, he speaker contended, and indi cated this should include prices on timber sales.

Imagine: It’s lunchtime, and you’re exhausted. You’ve been skimping all week on sleep to keep up with tight deadlines at work, household chores and that old thing called a social life. You know you’ve got another late night ahead of you, so you head off to the office quiet room for a few minutes of shuteye..

Wise said it has been difficult to break away to play the amount of golf he needs to be sharp, but he hopes that will change in the next week.Booros, a Dieruff High School grad whose golf game didn’t really take hold until he was out of school, was at the club yesterday. He has been bothered by back problems for the past month, but he said some treatments over the weekend seem to have given him some relief. He was planning to test the back by hitting some balls and playing nine holes with his dad, Jack..

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