It had to happen to this column one day. I’m caught in the middle of two groups of descendants claiming that their ancestors were the persons who founded the Indo Commercial Bank in Mayavaram (Miscellany, February 3). I’ll just present today the material sent to me by the rival claimants and look forward to readers who might know anything about the subject sending in more information.

Coach Miles went on to enjoy a successful career in the United States Marine Corps where he served as an F 18 pilot. He graduated from Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) in 1996 and served as an Air Combat Tactics Instructor throughout the rest of his military career. He is a founder of San Juan Capistrano, CA based Victory Lacrosse, the premier lacrosse and leadership development organization in the United States..

This, I thought, was a can miss idea.Notwithstanding my previous big business experience, I made many of the classic mistakes entrepreneurs make, but what I didn anticipate was that retailers simply wouldn get it. I thought there was plenty of pent up demand for my new analytics service, but as I soon discovered, it was extremely difficult to get retailers to even take my calls, and when they did, many simply didn see the value.After a year of banging on doors, I was so dejected I almost folded the company. Almost.Creating a communication platform for your businessDuring my many sleepless nights, it occurred to me that I had two key issues: first, there was a legitimate lack of understanding about the benefits my analytics could provide, and, second, I couldn get to the real decision makers senior executives, who are constantly hounded by salespeople and rarely take their calls.My obsession with trying to solve these challenges and a desperation to keep my business alive led to a eureka moment: I write a book!During my many sleepless nights, it occurred to me I had two key issues: a legitimate lack of understanding about what my analytics could provide, and I couldn’t get to the real decision makersIt occurred to me that, in part, most retailers didn see the value in what I was offering because very little had ever been said about it.

“Once we got to the ball, I was very relieved to see Tiger had a shot and could get it on the green and most likely make a 4. Tiger had a long look at the shot and pointed out an old pitch mark on the green and asked me what I thought if he landed it in that area. Incredibly, when he pitched the shot it landed exactly on the pitch mark.