I don think that anyone who actually pays attention to what been going on in the world and America (not just the last 100 days but the last 35 years)will deny that our current economic crisis (Recession? Depression? Fall of the Empire?) started with the sub prime mortgage crisis. Thank you so very much, Jimmy Carter, for starting us down this path way back in 1975 with the passage of the Community Re investment Act (CRA). And thank you Bill Clinton, for re invigorating the CRA in the 90 And a very special thaks to Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all of the other who have supported and expanded on this and other entitlement programs which so greatly expanded the size and power of our bloated Government.

They can be spaced apart, big or little, just have some planned at all times. And then when you get back, start planning again!The cushy job is a good thing. 4 hours of work per day is just perfect.RockyMoose 19 points submitted 22 days agoGenerally, the higher the commission paid to the salesperson, the worse the product is for the consumer.

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Another similar dispute but on a much smaller scale was The Simpsons voice actors versus Fox. I am a huge fan of The Simpsons and the fact that it’s been going on for 23+ seasons makes it the longest running TV show besides soap operas. Last Friday, the Simpsons actors had to take a 30 percentpay cut in order to secure 2 more seasons of the show.

Exactly my thoughts. It good knowing the front office essentially maxed out their best offer they could give him, and increase of 10M + 30M in first two years from last years offer is insane. Steelers bargained in good faith to get the deal done but it clear Leveon is all in for the money and that it..

La fontaine Wallace, rue de la Goutte d’Or, sera remise en tat prochainement. Des coffrets anti vandalisme vont tre installs sur les lampadaires pour viter des rparations rptition. Nous ne pouvons nous empcher de penser aux armoires lectriques casses sous le viaduc.

I know it was a down year, but this is too much. And if they lose in the second round to Villanova, then the committee will think they were right, but Villanova could easily be the best team in the country. Then you have Virginia and Florida, who I believe are the two strongest 4 and 5 seeds in the tournament, SMU who is a really good team, and then Baylor and Duke.