What are you going on about? No one actually believes that people are being torn apart! It bad design because it was poorly worded. It was poorly worded because what the actual meaning of the headline implies is that they being torn apart, and it was easy to change the wording to not give it that double meaning. The initial implication doesn imply what is intended, thus making it poorly worded.

As No. 7 Lake Clifton whittled away host Forest Park’s 10 point lead, freshman point guard Teion James was sent back in to protect the ball and the Forresters held on Tuesday to upset the Lakers, 83 80. James (14 points) had left the game because of a bloody jersey.

The Corleone reference, from The Godfather, was apt. The Assads have run Syria as a mafia family business since 1970, when Bashar’s father Hafez Assad gained control in a Baathist coup. The Assads are Alawites, a Shi’ite related minority sect, and Hafez Assad ruled his 80% Sunni country with a relentless brutality.

His new girlfriend was described as a brunette who was of a departure from Prince Harry usual type. Markle, the public was told, was in the society blonde style of previous girlfriends. This language was code for something the press was simultaneously obsessed with and uncomfortable addressing directly: Markle is a woman of color..

“There’s a lot of up and coming talent out there that has an impression about automotive and hasn’t fully understood the transition to mobility,” she said. “We’re telling everyone we can about how within a short period of time, your ideas can be in 2 million products that people use every single day. Nowhere can you see that pure concept and ideation come to life in such a short period of time on that scope.

I had asked my patient to flex her muscle as I tested the bicep strength in her left arm. I was now asking her to extend her arm, while I was feeling to see if all three heads of her triceps muscle were contracting. I remember the moment when there was a collective gasp in the room, and I looked up, wondering if something had happened.

According to Chuck Coughlin, one of the bowl’s public affairs consultants and someone who was Jan Brewer’s campaign chairman when she made a successful bid to become Arizona’s governor, “the trips were an integral part of educating elected officials on the economic significance of the bowl games and how they existed in an extremely competitive environment. Christine Martin, the bowl’s director of team services, told the committee “They aren’t necessary at all.” (Oh, I don’t know. If I want to figure out if movie making is part of a competitive environment, I’m going to need to be flown to Los Angeles, and housed at Beverly Hills’ finest hotel along with my family, and maybe several close personal friends.).