“The dress code was part of a larger discussion about the business of basketball, the players’ role in it and projecting a positive image,” said Michael Bantom, senior vice president of player development for the NBA. “It was something that teams had dealt with on an individual basis. Some teams had their own dress codes, others didn’t.”.

When she acquired a Mexican sister on her school soccer team, she said, her natural gregariousness and her talent for language came together. As a college student at Oregon State University, she went on a six month study abroad program in Chile; upon her return, she realized that she felt most at home with the Spanish speaking students from overseas or south of the border. She found their culture more positive, more familial and less excessive, frankly, than that of most native born undergraduates, she said..

The most challenging aspect of the day, however, will be the conditions: 69 degrees with 76 percent humidity. Those conditions make it extremely difficult even just to stand, much less to race. Conditions were also extremely hot in last month’s USF Invitational, in which both the Cal men’s and women’s teams answered with disappointing performances..

The Gophers made Nnaji their top 2019 target after Hurt. Nnaji already been on campus and made an unofficial visit in the spring. He familiar with their program, especially with former Hopkins standout Amir Coffey playing at the U. Jesse Dietz, who was in the area at the time, chased after the car in attempt to catch a license plate number to no avail. However, Fargo police officer Aldin Golos said he is “pretty confident” the department will identify the driver responsible. Golos said there’s an active investigation and police are using the vehicle’s rearview mirror that fell off in the crash as evidence..

He’s Jerome Washington, a 6 foot 5, 245 pound tight end from New Jersey who landed a scholarship offer from Miami this week. While attending community college he plays for an area club team, which competes against junior colleges. He attends classes at nearby Mercer Community College.

On election night, voters will choose the president they want their states’ “electors” known more commonly as delegates to endorse in the electoral college. There are 538 electors two per state (just like in the Senate) plus a certain number from each state based on states’ populations (like in the House of Representatives). There are also three from the District of Columbia.