I have 1 4 as abilities I use very often or spam. Middle mouse button I usually bind to a large CD. Q,E, and R are abilities I use every 30 seconds or often enough, such as charge, dragons roar, etc. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to be like the but on a serious note, I love both artist. The album visually and through marketing came off as it might have the western vibe but confirmed by JT himself “man of the woods is about my son, that’s what his name means” and some parts have a little bit of a western vibe lyrically but musically it’s still true to JT and his pop/r roots I feel like. That’s just my take on it.

Many people wonder whether electronic products are being designed to fail, from television sets, which have heat sensitive condensers deliberately fitted onto the circuit board next to a heat sink connected to the transistors, to washing machines with ball bearings fitted inaccessibly into the drums so they cannot be replaced. Specific lifespans are programmed by the manufacturers into chips in some equipment, so that printers will stop working after a preset number of pages (sending a message: error coffee makers will cease functioning after a preset quota of brews, and memory cards will stop uploading after a preset number of photo uploads. The user is then forced to buy a replacement.

Ages ago, I was in Alterac Valley (WoW) on my Human Rogue. While in stealth I witnessed a honorable 1 v 1 between an orc and a human warrior. I did not help the human. Not a whole lot to report today. Took a few pics that I will be glad to share. The glare of the river really messed with the camera.

Sandy Baratta’s claim that the company dismissed her due to her pregnancy was based on the derogatory remarks she received from the Oracle Executive Vice President, about pregnant women executives. On the matter of whistle blowing, Ms. Baratta claimed that her firing came after she reported about Oracle Software group lifting some parts of SAP software, a close competitor of the company.

I have always had a dog, and I love her to death. Although I do have to say she is not my dog, she is my brother’s dog, so yes it is true that dogs are attracted to males rather than females. Why is this, though? That is the question. Okay. It can be a sensitive matter to mention a woman’s age, but if people failed to mention it, Phyllis Diller was liable to bring it up herself. Diller died at home in Los Angeles yesterday at the age of 95, after decades of making people laugh by poking fun at herself, as she did in this stand up performance in 2004..