ZARROLI: Reporters were also allowed to see how long it had been since subscribers logged on to the service. That enabled them to speculate about the comings and goings of employees. A Bloomberg reporter in Hong Kong is said to have questioned Goldman Sachs about whether a partner still worked at the firm, noting that he hadn’t logged on in a while..

Thankfully, the Russos have been tapped to direct both installments of Infinity War to effectively close out the 11 year saga, so we know the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in good hands. Sucks, let not get carried away. Just as DC v Superman wasn quiteas badas everyone said (28 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), Marvel War isn quite as masterful(92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes)..

Will shoppers give up their Costco and Amazon Prime memberships and become Jet loyalists? There is a fair amount of skepticism on this front, because warehouse clubs and Amazon offer shoppers many things that Jet currently does not including those in store samplesas well as options for same day shipping and video streaming. Nonetheless, Amazon sure seems to be taking the threat from Jet seriously. Many observers saw last week special Prime Day sales as a way for Amazon to lock in new Prime subscribers so that they wouldn be as tempted to sign up for unlimited free shipping services from competitors such as Walmart and, of course, Jet..

There were no greedy companies until 2015? What about comcast which started in 1963? They were doing plenty of greedy things long before 2015 but they never charged for “website packages” nor has any other ISP. Like I said, I not against net neutrality. As you can see in that article, Comcast was caught throttling customers and ended up getting away with it.

It was, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said, the “scariest thing I ever experienced on a basketball floor” as a player, executive or coach.”It was terrifying, especially being out there out on the floor and hearing him crying in pain,” he said (via the Mercury News). “Just to see him immobilized and the doctors going through the protocol. That’s the scariest injury for any athlete.”.

The high profile strikes which tend to draw national news coverage when they happen have helped progressive legislators push through minimum wage hikes on the state and local level in recent months, including a $15 wage floor that will slowly go into effect in Seattle. Even President Barack Obama has held up the protests as evidence that Congress needs to hike the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t been raised since 2009. The current level of $7.25 is less than half of what the Fight for $15 campaign is calling for..