New to the list last year was Facebook (FB), Tesla (TSLA) and Yelp (YELP). It even produces a shopping guide for consumers looking to support companies that take a stand.This ad featuring two men is a first for Tiffany. Here is a rundown of how some prominent companies and brands have addressed LGBT issues ranging from political and personal actions by high profile CEOs to product advertising to workplace policies.Amazon: CEO Jeff Bezos has voted with his wallet: His 2012 donation of $2.5 million to a same sex organization in Washington state was believed to be the largest such donation at the time.

But Rainey’s from another era, the wholesome heyday of this overblown nostalgia factory, the Baker Bassett Company. He mindlessly trudges along. Proof that maybe nice guys don’t finish last.. Although he faces a gargantuan task with fixing the Bears, Wilcox knows it’s important to build the smaller connections with his players. He and his staff eat with the team every day and try to get to know whom they’re working with. After all, just about every player on the team was brought in during Sonny Dykes’ tenure..

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It seemed to take forever for that 8:30 tipoff for the championship game against Toledo Rogers. Pregame was amazing and it was time to play. I was still very nervous, knowing now that the stakes were as high as ever. On the street, the IS 350 F Sport feels light on its feet again while in Sport+. Steering is tuned for a weighty feel and it’s real quick to respond to commands, but it’s not so communicative like, say, a BMW 3 series. The suspension still gives way to some body roll and will understeer earlier than expected.

Stuntman MikeGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!But now the lads singer Scott Hetherington, guitarist Billy Mulholland, drummer Roy Argyle and Martin Rennie on bass are looking forward to taking to the stage closer to home.Billy, who along with Scott and Martin, went to Caldervale High, said: “The tour has been going really well. We had a cracking gig in London which was pretty much a sell out. We didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be a great night.”We have played King Tuts quite a number of times so we know what to expect there and it will be nice to be back in front of a few familiar faces.”Scott added: “We love playing to our hometown fans, who have helped create some really special nights for us, but there is an added sense of excitement when playing to a new audience, especially when they show real appreciation for your music and performance.”The band members have day jobs but they are all ambitious and want to make a living from their music.”We have all got 9 to 5 jobs which get in the way a lot,” Billy says.Their busy schedule includes the recording of their next single and finalising some festival gigs in the summer.The lads’ debut single was produced by Stuart McLeod (The Dykeenies/Amy Macdonald) and released on download from all the major UK and international digital music sites.