Jared Diamond a prolong sa description fatale de l’pope humaine dans le livre Effondrement , s’intressant cette fois aux civilisations qui se sont croules, et se demandant si la notre est menace Aprs avoir abord rapidement les socits qui ont cd aux invasions hostiles (Carthage dtruite en moins 146 par les armes romaines, l’empire khmer d’Ankor Vat cdant sous la pression des Tha, la Grce mycnienne envahie par les Peuples de la mer), il tudie l’croulement de rgimes mins par une crise conomique, affaiblis par implosion politique et sociale, comme l’empire romain et l’empire sovitique. Mais les pages d’ Effondrement qui rsonnent le plus avec les inquitudes d’aujourd’hui sont celles qui traitent dans le dtail des civilisations disparues o la destruction de l’environnement a beaucoup compt : les les de Pques, les les d’Henderson et de Pitcairn, les Amrindiens Anasazis du Sud Ouest des Etats Unis, les Vikings du grand Nord. Et surtout l’empire des Mayas.

The games against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday in Beijing and Sunday in Shanghai won’t count in the season standings, but they’re far from meaningless. The NBA is orchestrating its sixth China Games tour to enhance its largest market outside the United States. The Heat and some of their players hope to cash in on the opportunity as well..

The tie up with Apple Nike Was That realization MOST runners Will use iPhones or iPods to listen to music while jogging. So now iPhones and iPods come pre installed with Nike + app. With this, the iPhone / iPod users can map out Their road running and later share it With Their Facebook friends..

By comparison, just one million people took in the Everglades in 2002, making the 1.5 million acre preserve the 20th most popular of the nation’s national parks, and 71st in the rankings among all 384 parks, recreation areas, and monuments in the federal system, according to the National Park Service. And the number of visitors is declining, down from the 1972 peak of 1.7 million. Sure, the restoration is a massive project with major scientific significance.

Having never run in them before I decided to break them in at a race on New Year Eve (because of course). While this is by no means a racing flat the shoe runs light and has a suprising amount of bounce to it. It feels stable, though, because the forefoot firms up nicely when you pick up the pace, despite the amount of cushioning.

Schmidt kicked the session off by asking Kalanick for his craziest Uber related incident, according to Gregory Ferenstein, who attended the summit and wrote about the talk for Forbes.Kalanick tale turned out to be rather insane story from the company early days about a passenger who discovered the driver wife riding in the trunk.the new driver didn think his wife should be in the car while working, but the wife refused to get out of the car and be stranded in the middle of the city, Ferenstein writes, paraphrasing Kalanick story. He managed to convince her to climb into the trunk, thinking no one would be any the wiser. Plan backfired, however, when the customer had luggage and went to put it in the occupied trunk.Kalanick told the crowd that Uber only found out about the situation after the customer left a one star review..