As always I try to keep this list updated. I be adding to it as I add things to my game. I try to link to things when I show pictures but if I don and you can find it here on this list don hesitate to ask. I understand where you coming from since i also a DGD fan (and guitarist), but I think most neutral observers would find it ridiculous from an instrumental standpoint.curryleaf 1 point submitted 10 days agoIt worth noting that courts in many EU nations, the UK most notably, can do whatever the hell they want and the judiciary revel in making decisions that absolutely fly in the face of both common sense and their OWN legislation.They appear to believe it makes them seem more when, in fact, everyone knows they just overpaid cretins.In the UK we are constantly told, and thus tell the rest of the world, that our health service and criminal justice system are best in the world It in the hope that if you tell the same lie enough times, everyone will believe it. But it still a lie.curryleaf 7 points submitted 1 month agoNobody invests that amount of money without wishing to bring certain changes to the table that will ensure the best ROI.It obvious that inventory numbers have risen dramatically across the most recent season, that the main change the customer will notice and in theory could eventually spell the decline of Supreme, especially if the mooted new stores all open within a short space of time.That the problem with making your fortune off the back of exclusivity. You can cash it in once, but only once.Still, Jebbia hits his mid 50s shortly, already has more money than he can spend and will now start receiving mainstream kudos once Supreme breaks out of its still relatively niche end of the fashion market.

For tint, look up your state law but I always stuck with 35% since it wasn’t too dark and legal in my area. Went darker when I was teenager and it was a pain to see at night, backing up for instance and looking in the side mirrors, plus I got a couple tickets. I’ve also become a fan of only tinting the back passenger windows and rear.

These hack comedians who Ms. West rightfully finds so offensive are not capable agents of social change. They’re half talents in bad haircuts grinding out livings, at best, in basements.. HKNRY C. GPALDIN0. No. EVERYONE understands this. Everyone knows how valuable referrals are. When you say so when you just come right out and say that referrals and introductions are how you grow, they know exactly what you talking about.