So I’m going to be blunt here: I live in Cranford, really nice town, and I am recently divorced and my ex wife is thinking of living (with my daughter) in Linden. Now, I’m sure there is a “nice” part and all, but everything I’ve ever seen and heard myself or secondhand about Linden makes me believe it is mostly a hellhole ghetto, and that at some point, my daughter would be going to school with the kids from the crappy, criminal parts of town. Now, if I’m wrong about this I’d like to hear why, but I’m not looking for “it’s a multicultural tapestry!” as a reason, I’m more looking for “My tiny white daughter isn’t going to be in danger every day of her life in this place.” I know some people are going to be offended by this, but I think any parents reading this can appreciate that I’m more concerned with my daughter’s safety than people’s tender sensibilities.

A white woman has a white husband and sleeps with him. She then ends up sleeping with a black man and gets pregnant. The husband is ecstatic at the news of pregnancy, but when the child arrives on earth he is darker than when the train lights fail in a tunnel.

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To his credit, Sorrell has taken the whole hoopla in stride. He and his mother are planning to continue with fitness plans, they told the local media. Even if the Nike corporations intentions were not entirely honorable, does it really matter? They are in business to sell shoes and other items, and they we all know that.

Tienen todo mi respeto pero al final ambos disfrutamos de algo que es correr. No creo que se nos pueda catalogar como a personas vigorexicas, pero si como adictos a correr. Correr es mi droga”, abund Karnazes.. Perched on the precipice atop East Peak, the stone cylinder with crenellated edge looks like the remains of a fortress battlement. Built by an industrialist long ago with equal parts ego and philanthropy, this is every person’s castle. Hurrying up the steel stairway inside, I stand with wind on my face as if on the bow of a ship at sea..

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