When it comes to why we unfriend, there are more possible explanations. Fifty five percent of Facebook users call offensive comments cause for removing someone from their networks. The next most common reason is not knowing a friend well (41%) and sales soliciting (39%).

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I always do my research before I speak. And the answer is he wants better civil rights, more equality and awareness, police brutality to stop, and the conversation about the rights of black people to continue. And I agree with all of that.. There some truth in it. The level of the match was not that high, although there were some great points. Tsitsipas played nowhere near as well as he did against Djokovic.

You waiting at a crowded bus stop, fresh out of the office, ready to embark on your hour long commute home. Wanting nothing more than an introverted trip, you have a podcast or the new Fleet Foxes smoothly coursing through your earbuds. Human interaction is the last thing on your wish list..

A move to sst the stage for actual produc tion of the X system, which combines the Nike Zeus com plex with a new low level, high speed missile called the Sprint and with a more sophisticated and discriminat ing radar system than that used by the Zeus in earlier stage. The pre production money ftw the X is in addition to about million provided in the fiscal 1967 budget, with McNamara’s approval, for additional research and devel opment of the system. The defense chief has consistently blocked any move toward production, however, notwithstanding the position tak en unanimously earlier this year by Joint Chiefs of Staff in favor of shifting into the production phase.

MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY 132 N. MAIN ST. MAIN 7200 We Pay Cash For BUILDING LOAN ACCOUNTS FRANKLIN E. Private email accounts. This is no different than you texting about work with a friend instead of using your work phone. It’s not wise in any way for the head of government to discuss anything outside of its proper channels, but it’s also not the same thing that Clinton did.