Fears of Fed taper: Fed officials have been in major damage control mode, since Fed chairman Ben Bernanke kicked off tumult in the stock, bond and gold markets last week. He said the central bank could wind down its stimulus program later this year, if the economy continues to improve.Fed governor Jeremy Stein, while trying to allay investor fears, appeared to have inadvertently stoked them Friday. He said the Fed could “hypothetically” consider tapering its bond buying in September.Related: Fed officials in damage control modeAt the same time, he said investors were overreacting, but that didn’t seem to make a dent in sentiment.The Dow Jones industrial average dipped 114 points, or 0.8%, Friday.

El Sistema Mundial de Informacin y Alerta Temprana de la FAO publica informes mensuales sobre la situacin mundial de la alimentacin. Las alertas especiales, dirigidas a los gobiernos y las organizaciones humanitarias, identifican los pases amenazados por la escasez de alimentos. Las noticias del viernes Sudn del Sur: el PMA subraya la necesidad urgente de fondos para ayuda alimentaria La ONU pide a la comunidad de donantes no olvidar la emergencia en Hait La FAO recibe casi 14 millones de dlares del Reino Unido para sus operaciones en Sudan del Sur La OCHA insta a cambiar el actual patrn de atencin a crisis humanitarias Siria: Amos inform al Consejo de Seguridad que la situacin humanitaria se agrava Filippo Grandi se despide de UNRWA y afirma que los refugiados palestinos tendrn justicia El jefe de la UNRWA pide a Israel que cese el bloqueo a Gaza Darfur: la crisis humanitaria se agudiza entre el olvido internacionalLa ayuda humanitaria.

The golf swing is an expression of centrifugal force. Remember swinging the rock at the end of the string in science class in 8th grade? To make the rock go faster you had two choices; speed up your hand that held the end of the string or make the string longer. PUSHING ON THE STRING MADE THE ROCK STOP, NOT GO FASTER..

All the materials and leathers are controlled and tested to guarantee that they meet NIKEs quality requirements before entering production. Taking random samples of the raw material and stress testing the fabric and inspecting leather thickness controls this. This procedure is done to ensure the high quality and uniform of products in the production phase.

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