The charges filed against so many defendants in adult and juvenile courts prolonged the proceedings, with a juvenile hearing starting in early evening and lasting into the night for two 15 year olds, two 16 year olds and four 17 year olds. A prosecutor said most of the nine witnesses have not been interviewed, and video and audio from the Metro station needs to be digitally enhanced. Defense attorneys argued that the charges were too broad and did not say what each defendant allegedly did..

The findings were that there were “no evidence of a negative employment impact for large firms, both foreign and domestic, but some evidence that in small, domestic firms may lose their jobs” (Alatas, Cameron, 2004). Assuming the companies that Nike contracts are relatively large, an increase in wages would significantly better the lives of employees while only slightly reducing profit margins or slightly increasing product price. Therefore, the action that would maximize utility would be increasing wages and/or reducing hours, contrary to Nike’s current policy..

The worst discount came on jewellery, followed by apparel and accessories and consumer electronics two of the most robust categories when it comes to consumers searching for Black Friday deals.Here are a few other sub categories consumers might want to take a pass on for the time being, according to industry experts.1) Holiday d and paper: Seasonal trinkets frequently get marked down to lower price on Black Friday, but any bargain hunter knows that a string of Christmas Lights or wrapping paper will be marked down by 70 per cent to 90 per cent come January.2) Furniture: There are some decent furniture deals out there on Black Friday because furniture is a higher margin category, more flexible for markdowns. But the warmer months of spring and summer are when the best furniture promotions come up, experts say.3) Fitness equipment: The busiest month for fitness equipment purchases is January as consumers seek to redeem themselves for calorific holiday indulgence and make New Year resolutions. According to Consumer Reports, the deals for treadmills and elliptical trainers are far better in June, when people who are still jogging can just as easily go outside.Black Friday deals 2016: The best bargains in Canada and where to get themInside the shopping extravaganza that Black Friday has become in CanadaMove over Black Friday, China’s Singles’ Day rakes in record $15 billion in sales with hours to go4) Gift cards: While some consumer web sites such as Gift Card Granny and eBay offer discounted credit cards, they rarely sell below their face value at retail, even though they are one of the top holiday gift items in Canada.5) Snow tires and seasonal equipment: Tire dealers typically offer incentives and sales on tires early in the season think October to remind customers to get their tires checked and changed with the season.