CALGARY The aggressive push by China state backed energy companies into the Canadian oilpatch continued Sunday when Sinopec International Petroleum agreed to pay $2.2 billion for Calgary based conventional oil and gas producer Daylight Energy Ltd.Most of the Chinese energy investment in Canada since 2009 has focused on oilsands projects, but the recent emergence of liquefied natural gas from North America as a potential new fuel source for the energy hungry Chinese economy has prompted interest in conventional oil and gas producers.Last year Sinopec, officially China Petroleum Chemical Corp., paid $4.65 billion for a nine per cent stake in oil sands miner Syncrude Canada Ltd. And it has been identified as a financial backer of Enbridge Inc. Northern Gateway pipeline to ship crude oil from Alberta to the Pacific Rim.The all cash offer for Daylight the highly attractive asset portfolio that has been established in Alberta and northeast British Columbia focused on light oil and natural gas, Daylight chief executive officer Anthony Lambert said in the statement.

Vick’s attorney Lawrence Woodward told The Associated Press outside Vick’s suburban Virginia home that the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback had been released from federal custody as scheduled. That means Vick no longer has to wear the electronic monitor he’s had while under home confinement for the last two months of his 23 month sentence. Probation Services folder on the dashboard paid a brief visit to the home.

While working out for weight loss, a lot of muscle is usually lost, people struggle with this often. Muscle mass will give you a high metabolism, so you do not want to lose weight too quickly by magical diets or starving yourself. This weight that you lost will more likely be gained back.

Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. I not as familiar with strong man competitions, but they have to compete in podunk countries where the water gives you the squirts, and I pretty sure they have to pay for everything. All the while powerlifters and strongmen are relying on a purse for placement in the competition.I heard a lot of complaints from powerlifters about some of the top lifting federations. I haven heard any complaints about the Games (from the athletes competing)Echospite 10,335 points submitted 8 days agoNot getting enough sleep is the millennial fat slathered burger.

Southwest made the unusual decision to announce the new service on a holiday because tickets were made available for sale today. The airline is offering an introductory one way base fare of $109 before taxes between Atlanta and the two new cities through Oct. 1, for travel between March 10 and April 7.